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Lakes Linen Services began in October 2009 when Doug & Andrew Hitchick left employment with Sydney & Central Coast Linen Services to begin their own business with a passion for client service and quality.

The key people involved with Lakes Linen Service are the Managing Director, Andrew Hitchick and the Laundry Manager Doug Hitchick. The management team has a wealth of experience in the laundry industry.

Lakes Linen Strategic objectives

  1. Foster customer relationships that provide an immediate response mechanism to issues in standards, processes & linen quality as measured by customer retention & satisfaction.
  2. Maintain our unique flexibility in our services for our health care and hospitality customers through our commitment to keep the customer the centre of our business.
  3. Continue to provide new linen services and linen items as required by our health care customers and continuously searching for better wholesale access to quality linen.
  4. Embedding a company ethos that is committed to health care linen service excellence and linen quality as measured by customer retention & satisfaction.